AMA- Solaris Pedana – Art SO2110 Shower


SOLARIS – Solar Showers

Art. SO2110

Brilliant solar shower with self-supporting platform and a sophisticated design. The stainless steel rectangular tank makes this column unique, while also ensuring a large surface to absorb heat.

Finish : Polish

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AMA Luxury Shower has the experience, specialist expertise and ideal infrastructure to
adapt standard products and create bespoke products from designs in small and large
batches. By using quality materials, devising innovative practical and attractive solutions, and working with reliable partners, AMA Luxury Shower can develop bespoke solutions with functionality and aesthetic appeal guaranteed right down to the tiniest detail.
This is only feasible due to a company policy to focus on craft expertise that pays attention to detail and prefers quality and reliability to quantity.


The solar shower column with a refined design. The structure of the stainless-steel tank, with a rectangular section, makes this
column unique in its kind and at the same time guarantees a large heat absorption surface.

To prevent impurities from getting inside the product and causing functional problems, always flush out the system before connecting it to the supply pipes. It is recommended to install the filter at the system’s water intake. To keep the diffuser clean and prevent lime scales from clogging the diffuser, we advise that you periodically rub the silicone nozzles to free them of the lime deposits.

To keep the material’s appearance as long as possible,it is necessary to observe some precautions. Cleaning metal parts: water contains calcium that deposits on surfaces and forms unpleasant spots. For routine cleaning, simply use a damp cloth with a little soap, rinse and dry. Calcium spots can therefore be avoided by drying after use. Never use abrasive detergents or disinfectants or those containing alcohol, hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid. All shower heads are equipped with silicon nozzles “Self-Clean” These silicon nozzles are extremely heat resistant and with hot water they dilate, thus detaching the first layer of calcium. Moreover, periodically rubbing the silicon nozzles
manually easily gets rid of calcium.

  • Stainless steel column 3 mm thick AISI 304, polished
  • Shower head arm in polished AISI 316L steel
  • Stainless steel mixer
  • Stainless steel shower head 200×200 mm
  • 1/2 “water connection
  • Tank capacity 35 litres
  • Self-supporting platform
  • Weight 42 kg


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