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An essential form able to integrate perfectly with the building and the surrounding space, but with great effectiveness. Nomo is a new generation pergola with sliding fabric with all the comforts suitable for open space or reserved environments. The aluminum pergola with stainless steel components can reach the dimensions of 550 X by 700 centimeters and has the particularity, thanks to the horizontal profile of 32 centimeters, of being able to accommodate the vertical awning Zip Raso, completely retractable once closed, able to offer total protection in case of rain. Perfectly waterproof thanks to the tilting gutter system, Nomo can be enriched with RGB perimeter LED lights with white included or LED Line lights.

Technical features

  • Aluminum pergola with Tecnic folding cover (stretched canvas with side discharge).

  • Nomo is designed for the integration of the Raso vertical awning

  • Integrated perimeter downspouts to allow water to flow out

  • Structure made to measure with the possibility of coupling the modules

  • Tecnic folding cover that can be opened with remote control, supplied as standard with blackout PVC fabric, waterproof, fireproof, highly stable

  • Uprights dimensions: 15 x 15 cm

  • Protection: sun, rain, wind

  • Maximum structure dimensions: L 550 x P 700 cm

Complimentary products

Perimeter LED lighting

The lighting solutions for pergolas and awnings play a very important role in creating the right atmosphere and comfort even during the evening hours. The lighting possibilities vary according to the chosen product and favor LED technology, with low energy consumption, which can be modulated in intensity and color.

LED line

The LED Line system is integrated into the profiles of the awning, for dedicated lighting to the area below the structure.

Integrated vertical blinds

To create a protected and reserved outdoor environment, vertical drop awnings for awnings and pergolas are the ideal solution. Available with filtering or blackout fabric and in different colors, they create spaces of comfort. The perimeter awnings integrate perfectly into the horizontal profile of the pergola and once closed, they disappear completely.

Sliding glass doors

The panoramic windows for pergolas offer protection, brightness and maximum visibility towards the outside, protecting the environment from rain, wind, noise and UV rays to experience the outdoors both during the day and in the evening. The tempered glass panels sliding on rails, fixed or with doors, are also available in mirrored, satin or smoked versions to take advantage of outdoor spaces in total privacy.

Set platform

A solid and structural solution that enhances the pergola, using a modular compensation system that facilitates installation on uneven or sloping ground and promotes better ventilation and thermal insulation. The walkable surface of the platforms for pergolas is compatible with any material or finish and can be illuminated along the perimeter by LEDs to create a suggestive atmosphere.


A complement that enhances the aesthetics of the pergola by hiding the cover of the PVC sheet is the underlay. The choice of the fabric, available in three colors, helps to create a more welcoming and pleasant space so as to experience the outdoor environment with greater pleasure.

Bioclimatic technology

pergola adjustable blades

Adjustable blades to shield the light

The adjustable sunshade blades with a rotation from 0 to 140 ° create an ideal microclimate: the temperature is regulated by means of a system of shading, protection from the sun and a pleasant flow of air.

pergola recirculation

Recirculation and natural air ventilation

They reduce the consumption of heating, air conditioning, lighting, respecting the surrounding environment and limiting pollution.

pergola full closure

Full closure in case of rain

They provide for respect for the environment, the reduction of polluting resources, maintenance interventions and the creation of environments with thermal comfort.

Comfort in the home

Comfort in the home

They offer natural comfort even indoors, protecting from the sun and reducing heating and air conditioning consumption.

90 ° open blades

90 ° open blades

Vision allows you to modulate the direct or indirect light according to the solar orientation and the desired light intensity thanks to the rotation of the blades from 0 ° to 140 ° with infinite intermediate positions.

pergola closed blades

Closed blades – open air all year round

They expand the spaces and make the open air environments livable all year round.

Finishes & materials

finish aluminium

01. Aluminium

Extruded aluminum profiles.

finish paintings

02. Finishes and paintings

Painted aluminum according to Qualicoat quality standards.

finish soltis

03. Soltis fabrics

Filter fabrics that protect against UV rays.

Screen fabrics

04. Screen fabrics

Fiberglass yarn covered in PVC.

finish cristal PVC

05. Cristal and PVC

Waterproof, fireproof, with excellent dimensional stability.

finish IP65 lighting system

06. IP65 Lighting system

Certified and pre-assembled electrical system.



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