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Windy is the vertical awning designed and patented by Pratic that offers different solutions to close outdoor spaces and create new sheltered environments.
The use of telescopic guides for the sliding of the fabric allow Windy to be inserted in any structure, even with uprights or walls out of square; the Shy Zip retention system also allows the sheet to remain in the guides, absorbing any movement of the fabric.
Once rolled up, the awning is protected by the aluminum box.

Technical Features

  • Vertical closure with aluminum box equipped with guide profile with zip and stainless steel components.

    • Box for the protection of the cloth available in different sizes and dimensions to be inserted in any context

    • Awning that can be inserted in niches or can be combined with Pratic pergolas

    • The front is equipped with a draft excluder profile for total protection

    • The fabric can be made with screen, blackout or transparent fabrics, choosing from a wide range of variants

    • Made with stain-resistant, waterproof, completely transparent (up to 450 cm), screen and window filtering fabrics

    • The sheet is held inside the side guides through a zip with a patented system that prevents it from coming out (excluding Free and HD)

    • Winding of the fabric with motor movement or with manual movement

    • Protection from sun, UV rays, rain and wind

Finishes & Materials

finish aluminium

01. Aluminium

Extruded aluminum profiles.

finish paintings

02. Finishes and Paintings

Painted aluminum according to Qualicoat quality standards.

finish soltis

03. Soltis fabrics

Filter fabrics that protect against UV rays.

Screen fabrics

04. Screen fabrics

Fiberglass yarn covered in PVC.

finish cristal PVC

05. Cristal and PVC

Waterproof, fireproof, with excellent dimensional stability.

finish IP65 lighting system

06. IP65 Lighting system

Certified and pre-assembled electrical system.

07.Acrilic fabrics

Over 200 fabrics from the collections of the best international companies with high-resistance stitching with Tenara® thread


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