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Protection and aesthetics. T-Box is the vertical blind suitable for any type of solution thanks to the wide variety of blackout, filtering or Cristal fabrics available. Two versions are available: with steel cables or with side guides and zips that hold the cloth. Handling is exclusively by motor. The openings and closings take place automatically in the event of sun and wind. Among the options is the Power Spring System, a unique and innovative system by Pratic which, through gas springs, allows the fabric to be tensioned in a constant and homogeneous way in any position the fabric is stopped. The product is completed by white LED lights with remote control ignition.

Technical Features

Complimentary Products

LED Lighting

Solar protection enhances the architectural project even at night, with effect lights.

Power Spring System

System that allows the fabric to always be perfectly stretched in any position it is stopped.

Finishes & Materials

finish aluminium

01. Aluminium

Extruded aluminum profiles.

finish paintings

02. Finishes and Paintings

Painted aluminum according to Qualicoat quality standards.

finish soltis

03. Soltis fabrics

Filter fabrics that protect against UV rays.

Screen fabrics

04. Screen fabrics

Fiberglass yarn covered in PVC.

finish cristal PVC

05. Cristal and PVC

Waterproof, fireproof, with excellent dimensional stability.

finish IP65 lighting system

06. IP65 Lighting system

Certified and pre-assembled electrical system.

finish IP65 lighting system

07.Acrilic fabrics

Over 200 fabrics from the collections of the best international companies with high-resistance stitching with Tenara® thread


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