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Clean, essential and with attention to detail, in a mix of elegance and linearity in step with functionality. Captivating design, purity of lines and materials of excellence for Musa, the awning with a full-closing box that offers an elegant solution perfect for any outdoor environment. The integral closure not only completely protects the fabric when it is wrapped, but gives that refined and sophisticated touch to the context. From a technological point of view, the Musa awning has been designed to guarantee important structural performance and to allow a simple and quick adjustment of the inclination.

Technical Features

Extendable arm awning with integral closing box.

  • Wall or ceiling installation

  • Variable inclination

  • Stainless steel components

  • Over 500 fabric variants available

  • Stitching with highly resistant Tenara® thread

  • Maximum dimensions L 475 x P 250 cm.

Finishes & Materials

finish aluminium

01. Aluminium

Extruded aluminum profiles.

finish paintings

02. Finishes and Paintings

Painted aluminum according to Qualicoat quality standards.

finish soltis

03. Soltis fabrics

Filter fabrics that protect against UV rays.

04.Acrilic fabrics

Over 200 fabrics from the collections of the best international companies with high-resistance stitching with Tenara® thread.

finish IP65 lighting system

06. IP65 Lighting system

Certified and pre-assembled electrical system.


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