Wolf Outdoor Gas Grill with Cart – ICBOG36 (91cm)

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Outdoor cooking is a time-honored tradition, but imprecise heat control on many grills can leave your meals tasting hit-or-miss. With the Wolf 91 cm Outdoor Gas Grill, you can enjoy the same level of precision control and ease-of-use as its indoor counterparts, such as Wolf ranges, ovens, and cooktops. Whether you want to sear a filet, grill ram’s horn peppers, or smoke trout or applewood bacon, the possibilities with this luxury BBQ are truly endless.

Our OG36 model boasts four individually contained burners for independent heat control, including an infrared sear zone that can generate up to 29 MJ of heat to seal in juices. It even features a two-position rotisserie system that will cook chicken or pork to mouthwatering perfection. For late-night dinners, halogen lights illuminate the grilling surface, while signature red control knobs are LED-lit for easy reading. Sculpted from premium stainless steel, this luxury BBQ is built to last and may be the last grill you ever need to buy.




Wolf outdoor grills are the epitome of grilling mastery, thanks to their finely-tuned temperature control. Our grills boast independent burners that can generate up to 26 kW of searing heat on the 91 cm model, complemented by radiant heat from ceramic briquettes, ensuring consistently delicious meals. With precision high to low temperature control, you can expertly grill everything from juicy ribeyes to perfectly grilled veggies.

You can rely on Wolf grills for exceptional performance that lasts for years to come, thanks to their double-walled stainless steel construction that resists rust and water retention. Despite this rugged construction, the heavy-gauge hood lifts with ease, aided by concealed springs.

Our ICBOG36 grill is crafted from our signature stainless steel and features four individual burners that provide independent heat control. This includes a powerful 7.3 kW infrared sear zone, a 4.1 kW rotisserie system, and two 7.3 kW grill burners. Halogen lights illuminate the grilling surface and the classic red control knobs are LED-lit for effortless nighttime grilling.

Our included cart, as shown, is the perfect freestanding option, featuring multiple storage options and convenient winged shelving for preparation or serving.


Width 914 (mm)
Height 686 (mm)
Depth 762 (mm)
Shipping Weight 112 (kg)
Grill Burners (2) 7.3 kW
Rotisserie Burner 4.1kW


Price includes ICBOG36 gas outdoor grill, CART, Delivery & VAT


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