Stitch 125 Concrete Planter


Stitch 125 stylish concrete plant pot

Elevate your botanical arrangements with the Stitch 125 Concrete Planter from Blinde Design. As the crown jewel of the Planter Collection, the Stitch 125 unveils a new dimension of sophistication for your plants. This planter stands as an elegant abode for a single, captivating plant, an ensemble of smaller greens, or a vibrant assortment of aromatic herbs. Whether adorning a residential haven or a bustling commercial space, this planter promises to redefine your green display.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of natural or artificial flora housed within these refined plant pots, available in an array of sizes and hues. The distinctive stitched embellishment adorning the seams, crafted in a colour of your choice, infuses each planter with a bespoke touch. While each Stitch 125 Concrete Planter is a statement piece on its own, their collective impact is nothing short of sensational, creating an alluring visual symphony.

Experience the union of style and functionality as you curate your space with these planters. Whether gracing indoor or outdoor settings, they become both a canvas for botanical artistry and a showcase of contemporary design. The Stitch 125 Concrete Planter embodies the spirit of Blinde Design’s commitment to merging form and function, inviting you to celebrate the fusion of nature’s splendour with timeless aesthetics.


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Singularly they look stunning, as a set, they look sensational

Introducing the Stitch 125 Concrete Planter – a striking testament to the art of design and botanical elegance. As the largest offering in Blinde Design’s Planter Collection, the Stitch 125 transforms the way you showcase your greens. It provides a chic sanctuary for a solitary plant, an assortment of smaller plants, or an array of fragrant herbs, whether gracing a residential haven or a dynamic commercial space.

Experience the beauty of verdant life displayed within these elegant plant pots, available in an array of sizes and colours. The unique stitched embellishment along the seams, customized in your chosen hue, adds a touch of artistry to every planter. Each Stitch 125 Concrete Planter stands as a stunning piece on its own, but when gathered as a set, they create an arresting spectacle that elevates the ambience of any environment.

Whether you choose to showcase fresh or artificial potted plants, the Stitch 125 Planter becomes a symbol of refined botanical aesthetics. Its design caters to both individuality and unity, allowing you to curate your space with singular elegance or harmonious grandeur. Let the Stitch 125 Concrete Planter from Blinde Design redefine how you incorporate nature’s beauty into your surroundings – a remarkable fusion of form and function that celebrates both design and botany.


Application Indoor & Outdoor
Weight 50.70kg [112lb]
Dimensions L 1219mm [48in]W 1048mm [41.3in]H 750mm [29.5in]
Material Concrete Composite
Colour Natural, Graphite, Bone
Rope Colour Yellow, red, Orange, Black, Grey or White



Key Features

Striking design


The two smooth, curved sides ‘stitched’ together with contrasting rope detailing – available in one of six colors – make this planter pot a unique design element.
All-weather use


Crafted from weather resistant Fluid™ Concrete ensures the Blinde Design Stitch 25 plant pots are ideal for outdoor use and look good year after year.
Make an impact


The Stitch 125 makes a stunning impact as a standalone planter, further amplified when more than one – whether in the same size or a variety of Stitch planter sizes – are used.
Largest format


Ideal for larger environments, whether a residential or commercial setting.

Fluid™ Concrete is made from a combination of green cement and 95% recycled natural materials that absorb CO² during the curing process. Composites are 100% recyclable and release minimal greenhouse gas emissions.

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