Relax Modular 6 U-Chaise Sectional


Experience enhanced opulence with the Relax Modular 6 U-Chaise Sectional from Blinde Design, elevating your living spaces to new heights of luxury.

Embrace a contemporary design that showcases subtle curves, clean lines, and a low-back profile, enhanced by the presence of chaise ends at both sides. This exceptional configuration exudes an aura of high-end luxury, transforming any space it graces into a haven of sophistication.

The presence of chaise ends provides ample space to stretch out and indulge in comfort. The plush moulded cushions invite you to unwind and relish moments of relaxation. This modular sofa effortlessly combines extraordinary comfort with an air of understated elegance, harmonizing seamlessly with both interior and outdoor settings.

The versatility of the Relax Modular 6 U-Chaise Sectional extends beyond its remarkable design. Each back-less module that contributes to the chaise layout can be separated and repurposed as an ottoman. This flexibility ensures that your seating arrangement is as adaptable as it is luxurious.

Indulge in the pinnacle of comfort and elegance with the Relax Modular 6 U-Chaise Sectional from Blinde Design. Embrace the allure of a high-end aesthetic, while enjoying the unparalleled comfort that this sofa brings to your living spaces. Elevate your interiors and outdoor retreats with a piece that speaks of luxurious sophistication and the ultimate in relaxation.




Discover the epitome of refined luxury with the Relax Modular 6 U-Chaise Sectional from Blinde Design, a masterpiece that seamlessly marries opulence with versatile design.

This contemporary creation boasts a harmonious blend of gentle curves, clean lines, and a low-back profile, further adorned with chaise ends at both sides. The result is a visual masterpiece that exudes high-end luxury, elevating any space it graces to a realm of sophistication and elegance.

Indulge in the spacious comfort provided by the chaise ends, offering ample room to stretch out and unwind. The plush moulded cushions cradle you in comfort, inviting you to savour moments of relaxation like never. This modular sofa is a testament to both exceptional comfort and understated elegance, making it an ideal fit for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Beyond its remarkable design, the Relax Modular 6 U-Chaise Sectional offers an element of versatility that truly sets it apart. Each back-less module contributing to the chaise layout can be effortlessly separated and repurposed as individual ottomans. This ingenious feature adds an extra layer of adaptability to your seating arrangement.

Immerse yourself in the world of elevated comfort and luxury with the Relax Modular 6 U-Chaise Sectional from Blinde Design. Elevate your living spaces with an essence of high-end aesthetics, while indulging in a level of comfort that transcends ordinary lounging. Transform your interiors and outdoor retreats into havens of sophistication, relaxation, and unrivalled style with this exceptional chaise sectional.


Model Dimensions (L x W x H) mm [in] L 3800mm [149.6in]W 1900mm [74.8in]H 650mm [25.6in]
Application Indoor & Outdoor
Materials Coated aluminium frame, Quick dry foam, Sunbrella® Fabric



Key Features 

Easy configuration


Three distinct modules – the versatile Corner (which can be used left or right, single, and an ottoman – enabling the creation of a myriad of configurations of modular lounge. Just click the modules together to keep them in place.
Superior comfort


Comfortable quick dry foam shells are upholstered in soft Sunbrella® fabric.
Weather-resistant Upholstered in Sunbrella® fabric, each module is designed to stand the test of time.
Natural colours


Available in three muted, natural hues – Flanelle, Sooty and Canvas – with optional cushions to complete your look.
Design freedom


Choose from eight configuration packages for a variety of sofa designs – from intimate settings for two, a sofa with chaise, to larger modular creations.
Sturdy construction


Blinde Design Relax modular sofas feature a durable coated aluminium frame steel frame.
Finishing touch

To complete the look of your modular sofa, add optional cushions, available in two sizes and three colours. Comfortable quick dry, breathable foam and upholstered in weather resistant Sunbrella® fabric, these are ideal for outdoor use.

Technical Specifications


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