Pebble Seat


Introducing the Pebble Seat – a captivating and functional addition to any garden. Comprising of intricately placed small cast stone pebbles, it evokes coastal charm. When paired with artistic flora, it exudes a modern ambiance. Beyond its visual appeal, the seat offers a pleasantly tactile experience, defying expectations with its remarkable comfort.

  • Large: 1280 x 900 x 300 (mm) – 350kg
  • Small: 900 x 700 x 300 (mm) – 250kg




Discover the exquisite craftsmanship of our artisan with the Residential Concrete Pebble Seats. These seats redefine garden aesthetics, seamlessly blending beauty and functionality. Crafted meticulously, each seat is an embodiment of artistry and practicality.

The arrangement of smaller cast stone pebbles on the Pebble Seat transports you to the tranquil shores of the seaside. This design choice pays homage to the soothing rhythms of the ocean, bringing a touch of coastal serenity to your outdoor space. When coupled with carefully curated sculptural plantings, a harmonious symphony between nature and design emerges, infusing a distinct contemporary essence.

What sets these seats apart is their sensory allure. A gentle brush of your fingertips over the meticulously arranged pebbles offers a tactile experience that engages your senses. Moreover, the Pebble Seats defy convention by seamlessly merging art with comfort. Their surprising level of cosiness invites you to indulge in relaxation and leisure, ensuring that functionality remains paramount.

Elevate your residential landscape with the Residential Concrete Pebble Seats by our skilled artisan. Let your garden become a canvas where nature’s beauty meets human ingenuity, and where comfort harmonizes with artistic brilliance.


Comes in 2 sizes: 

Large or Small, coloured or standard, with stripe or without.



Pebble seat size options:

Large: 1280 x 900 x 300 (mm) – 350kg
Small: 900 x 700 x 300 (mm) – 250kg


Pebble seat prices:


Colour options (colours may differ slightly from images)



Red granite/Standard


Green granite/black

Green granite/Standard

Red granite/white

Red granite/black

Silver grey granite/standard

Black basalt/white

Green granite/white

Silver grey granite/white

Black basalt/black

Silver grey granite/black

Black basalt/standard


In addition there are delivery and installation costs, please contact us for prices (Weight approx 250kg – 350kg)

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