Maze – Outdoor Fabric Zen Bar Stool


Elevate your outdoor kitchen or bar setup with the Zen bar stool, a flawless addition to enhance both style and functionality. Designed to withstand the elements, these bar stools are meticulously handcrafted with robust aluminium framing and feature all-weather outdoor fabric, allowing them to be left outside year-round.

The Zen bar stools sturdy aluminium frame ensures durability and longevity, even in outdoor environments. Crafted with precision, it offers stability and strength, making it a reliable choice for your outdoor seating needs.

The all-weather outdoor fabric used in the Zen bar stool adds an extra layer of practicality. It is specially designed to resist fading and damage caused by varying weather conditions. With these stools, you can confidently leave them outside without worrying about their performance or appearance being compromised.

Available in 4 colours – Charcoal, Flanelle, Lead Chine or Oatmeal




The Maze Outdoor Fabric Zen Bar Stool is a sophisticated and versatile piece of furniture that adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor bar or entertainment area. With its sleek design and durable construction, it combines style and functionality seamlessly.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Maze Outdoor Fabric Zen Bar Stool is built to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting durability. The stool features a sturdy frame made from high-quality materials that ensure stability and resilience, even in outdoor environments.

The standout feature of the Maze Outdoor Fabric Zen Bar Stool is its use of outdoor fabric upholstery. This all-weather fabric is not only resistant to fading, but it is also water repellent, making it perfect for outdoor use. You can confidently leave the stool outside without worrying about damage caused by rain or other weather conditions.

The Zen Bar Stool’s design is minimalistic yet elegant, exuding a sense of tranquillity and calmness. Its clean lines and neutral colour palette blend effortlessly with any outdoor decor, allowing it to complement a variety of styles. Whether you have a modern, contemporary, or traditional outdoor space, the Zen Bar Stool will effortlessly enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Comfort is also prioritized in the design of the Maze Outdoor Fabric Zen Bar Stool. It features a contoured seat that provides excellent support, allowing you and your guests to sit comfortably for hours. The bar stool’s height is ideal for pairing with outdoor bar counters or high tables, making it perfect for socializing and enjoying drinks or meals in a relaxed setting.

Furthermore, the Maze Outdoor Fabric Zen Bar Stool is designed with convenience in mind. It is lightweight and easy to move, allowing you to rearrange your outdoor space effortlessly. Whether you need to accommodate more guests or create different seating arrangements, the Zen Bar Stool offers flexibility and adaptability.

In summary, the Maze Outdoor Fabric Zen Bar Stool combines style, durability, and comfort in a single piece of outdoor furniture. Its sleek design, all-weather fabric upholstery, and ergonomic features make it a perfect addition to any outdoor bar or entertainment area. With the Zen Bar Stool, you can create a stylish and inviting space where you and your guests can relax, unwind, and enjoy outdoor gatherings in utmost comfort.


What’s Included:

1 x Fabric Zen Bar Stool


  • La Vita High Performance Fabric
  • Fabric made of Solution Dyed Acrylic
  • Cushion Filling – Quick Dry Foam
  • Frame – Powder Coated Aluminium
  • Leave outside all year round
  • Bar Stools include Footrests
  • Leave outside all year round
  • Easy care maintenance
  • UV resistant outdoor fabric
  • Breathable cushions
  • Water & stain resistant
  • 7 year warranty guarantee



No of Seats 1
Colours Charcoal, Flanelle, Lead Chine, Taupe,
New for the Season 2023
Main Material Aluminium, Outdoor Fabric



How do I clean my cushions?

Any spill on your outdoor fabric can be cleaned immediately with soapy water, most spills will simply wipe off with just a cloth or tissue as the fabric is made to be highly resistant. Our outdoor fabric range is made to be left outside all year round, you may find after the winter months your set has become dirty and slightly mouldy from the changes in weather. You can simply clean your whole set using a high-pressure washer and then use our cleaning kit to bring your set back to life

Maze Lounges outdoor fabric range is breeze thanks to the special La Vita fabrics and maintenance free aluminium frames. Properly maintenance Maze Lounges products will take just a few minutes and will extend the lifetime even longer than the 5 year warranty they already offer.


I can’t get this stubborn stain out, what do I do?

For a tough stain clean immediately with a mixture of:
150ml of bleach
40ml of mild soap
2 litres of water



How to clean your aluminium frames

During the winter months you will find your aluminium frames will collect dust and dirt if exposed outside or kept in storage. Our frames can easily be cleaned with warm soapy water and a sponge, the frames will dry within an hour.


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