Extremis XP1


Introducing the Blastcool XP1 Refrigerator, the epitome of powerful outdoor refrigeration.

Crafted with marine-grade stainless steel, this refrigerator not only exudes durability but also guarantees protection against the elements, ensuring its longevity even in harsh outdoor environments. Equipped with powerful refrigeration technology, it swiftly cools freshly loaded beverages, allowing you to enjoy icy refreshments in no time. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or lounging by the pool, the Blastcool XP1 Refrigerator delivers unmatched performance, making it the ultimate choice for outdoor chilling needs.

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The Blastcool XP1

Refrigerator is independently certified, and safety approved for outdoor use by leading test house SGS. Marine grade stainless protects the outside whilst powerful refrigeration ensures fast cooling of freshly loaded beverages inside, and it achieves all this in baking summer heat of up to 43C.

Food can be stored within food safe limits in the solid door versions and the AISI 304 grade stainless interior ensures that good hygiene can be maintained. The interior lamp colour (Blue light or white light) can be user-selected via the switch on the appliance’s control panel whilst the latest energy efficient technologies are incorporated to minimise the Carbon Footprint.



In order to create the perfect ambience for your outdoor entertaining area, the Extremis series features user selectable light control. In addition to the on/ off switch there are a further two settings from which to choose:

* White lighting
* Blue lighting

The LED lighting arrays are positioned vertically on each side of the cabinet interior as well as horizontally across the top. The leading edge of the shelves do not extend in front of the illumination strips, thereby ensuring a high-quality display inside the cabinet.

Drawing upon its experience of supply to global beverage brands, Blastcool uses lighting with chromacity coordinates that reduce the phenomenon of light-struck beer.



Solid Door Option Available

Choose a solid door XP1 for outdoor kitchens where direct sunlight might be a problem or if you prefer to conceal the contents, such as food or fruit for cocktails.



Optional Extras – Adjustable Wine Shelves

Blastcool has developed a unique system for the storage of wine that makes use of adjustable rubber saddles that slide across the shelf. In this way, the same shelf can be used for champagne or wine bottles. Capacity is utilised efficiently by means of being able to top and tail the bottles.


  • A robust ventilation grille allows for inlet and exhaust air to be directed from the front of the cabinet which is a must for built-in placement within an outdoor kitchen. The lock and control panel are also easily accessible.
  • The rear of the cooler is sealed against the weather. An air inlet is provided for situations where some additional cooling air is available. If none is available, then the cooler will draw all of its air requirement from the front grille.
  • The fridge is delivered in strong packaging with clear markings. A pallet is provided for ease of movement.

External Dimensions

Height of standard model (mm) 870
Height of special-order model (mm) 840
Width (mm) 600
Depth (mm) 575
Depth including handle (mm) 615

Ventilation Space Required

Top (mm) 10
Each side (mm) 10
Rear (mm) 30-50

Electrical Specifications

Rated Voltage (Volts) 220-240
Frequency (Hertz) 50 / 60
Glass Door Rated Input Power (Watts) 173
Glass Door Rated Current (Amps) 1.45
Solid door Rated Input Power (Watts) 128
Solid Door Rated Current (Amps) 1.25
Power cable length (metres) 1.8

Weight and Capacity

Net Weight (kgs) 64
Bottle capacity (330ml beer bottles) 100
Gross Capacity (Litres) 148
Refrigerant Gas R600a

Noise Level

Outdoor Setting (Db) 49
Indoor (Air Conditioned) Setting (Db) 42

Environmental Specifications

Minimum Rated Ambient Conditions* (C) -25
Maximum Rated Ambient Conditions (C) +43
Ingress Protection Rating (IP) 24

*Cooler must be empty so as not to freeze contents.
Left hand hinge option available on on XP1 (Must be ordered. Not user adjustable).

Guarantee: Two years parts and labour guarantee within mainland EU.


The fridge is delivered in strong packaging with clear markings. A pallet is provided for ease of movement.



Blastcool Extremis Instruction Book (PDF 4mb)