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With a square, decisive, essential shape and without sharp edges, T – Square is the vertical drop awning that integrates perfectly into the surrounding environment. The 4 mm stainless steel cables maintain the perfect tension of the fabric. It is available in Screen, Soltis and acrylic filter fabrics. T -Squadre is also equipped with the patented Magnetic Lock System, which in the absence of wind keeps the fabric perfectly tensioned and which in the event of more intense gusts detaches for an instant, releasing the wind pressure.

Technical Features

  • Vertical awning with cables, aluminum box and patented Magnetic Lock System.

  • T-Square box: 13.3 cm

  • Reinforced corners of the fabric

  • Screen, Soltis and acrylic filter fabrics

  • Handling with motor or manual

  • Maximum curtain dimensions (according to the fabric):

    • width 400 cm;

    • height 450 cm.

Complimentary Products

Magnetic Lock System

Pratic has created an absolute novelty in the world of cable-guided drop awnings, protected by an exclusive patent …

Finishes & Materials

finish aluminium

01. Aluminium

Extruded aluminum profiles.

finish paintings

02. Finishes and Paintings

Painted aluminum according to Qualicoat quality standards.

finish soltis

03. Soltis fabrics

Filter fabrics that protect against UV rays.

Screen fabrics

04. Screen fabrics

Fiberglass yarn covered in PVC.

05.Acrilic fabrics

Over 200 fabrics from the collections of the best international companies with high-resistance stitching with Tenara® thread

finish IP65 lighting system

06. IP65 Lighting system

Certified and pre-assembled electrical system.


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