ProofVision Aire Plus 55″ RS232 – Outdoor TV


55 inch Outdoor 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Freeview

The ProofVision Aire Plus 55″ RS232 – Outdoor TV is a premium outdoor entertainment solution. Its 55-inch screen size, Full HD resolution, durable construction, and advanced features make it an excellent choice for outdoor spaces where a superior viewing experience is desired. With its weatherproof design, advanced technologies, and seamless integration capabilities, this outdoor TV allows viewers to enjoy their favorite content with stunning visuals and immersive sound while providing convenient control options through its RS232 interface.




The ProofVision Aire Plus 55″ RS232 – Outdoor TV is a state-of-the-art outdoor television designed to deliver exceptional performance and convenience in outdoor settings. With its 55-inch screen size, durable construction, and advanced features, this TV offers impressive visuals, reliable operation, and seamless integration with external control systems.

The highlight feature of the ProofVision Aire Plus 55″ RS232 outdoor TV is its 55-inch display, which provides a balanced viewing experience suitable for various outdoor environments. The TV features a Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, delivering sharp and detailed visuals with vibrant colours and excellent picture quality. Whether you’re watching movies, sports events, or playing games, this outdoor TV will provide an immersive viewing experience.

Built to withstand outdoor conditions, the ProofVision Aire Plus 55″ RS232 is constructed with durability in mind. It holds an IP66 rating, ensuring resistance to dust and water ingress. This makes it capable of withstanding exposure to rain, snow, humidity, and extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable performance in diverse weather conditions. The robust construction of the TV ensures its longevity and functionality in outdoor settings.

The outdoor TV incorporates advanced technologies to enhance the visual experience. It utilizes direct LED backlighting, providing improved contrast and uniformity compared to edge-lit displays. This results in better black levels, brighter highlights, and overall picture quality that is vivid and lifelike. The combination of Full HD resolution and enhanced visuals ensures a captivating viewing experience.

Moreover, the ProofVision Aire Plus 55″ RS232 outdoor TV features anti-glare technology, minimizing reflections and glare caused by ambient light. This ensures excellent visibility and optimal viewing even in bright outdoor environments, allowing viewers to enjoy their favourite content without distractions or visibility issues. The anti-glare feature makes this outdoor TV suitable for various outdoor spaces where sunlight or other sources of glare may be present.

In terms of connectivity and control, the ProofVision Aire Plus 55″ RS232 offers versatile options. It includes an RS232 control port, allowing seamless integration with external control systems for centralized operation. This feature is particularly beneficial for commercial installations or smart home setups where comprehensive control is desired. With the RS232 capability, the TV can be easily managed and controlled alongside other devices in the system.

Furthermore, the TV provides multiple HDMI inputs, USB ports, and other standard connectivity options, enabling users to connect various devices such as gaming consoles, media players, and streaming devices. This ensures easy access to a wide range of content, expanding entertainment possibilities.

The ProofVision Aire Plus 55″ RS232 outdoor TV also incorporates built-in speakers that deliver clear and immersive sound. However, for those seeking an even more robust audio experience, the TV provides audio output options, allowing users to connect external audio systems or soundbars for enhanced sound quality.



Take your TV outside, while remaining fully connected, with the ProofVision Aire Plus 55 RS232.

TV outdoors

Days in the garden, BBQs and outdoor parties are even more enjoyable with an outdoor TV. The ProofVision Aire Plus PV55AP-232 is completely weatherproof and has a high brightness – making it ideal for outdoors TV, all year round.


IP65 rated, this ProofVision 55 inch TV is durable enough to be left outdoors all year long. Designed to withstand the elements, it also makes a perfect choice for humid conditions, such as in a swimming pool room or kitchen.

Waterproof remote

ProofVision hasn’t just protected the TV, they’ve made sure the remote control is up to the task, too. With an IP67 rating, the waterproof remote control can withstand being left out in a downpour.

Up to five times brighter than regular TV

As well as being weatherproof, an outdoor TV needs to be brighter than usual. With a brightness figure of 1500cd/m2, this ProofVision TV remains clear and easy to see, even on bright, sunny days. The anti-glare screen keeps the image as crisp as possible.

Control via your home automation system – with RS232

Compatible with the popular Control4 and Creston home automation systems, this ProofVision outdoors TV can be fully integrated with your home entertainment system. The RS232 interface gives professional installers the facility they need to fully integrate this TV into the rest of your home’s network connectivity.

Freeview HD built-in

Built-in Freeview makes watching regular TV easy. Simply connect an aerial, just as with any other TV, and you’re good to go. Freeview lets enjoy a wide range of channels, many of which are in HD.

4K UHD viewing

Featuring a high quality, UHD 4K display, the PV55AP-232 delivers four times the resolution of FHD 1080p displays. Smaller pixels also mean you see a more detailed, clearer picture when close up to the TV. With 4K UHD now widely used in movies, games and streaming TV, it makes the perfect match for your games console, UHD Blu-ray player and TV streamer.

VESA fitting for secure mounting

Using a VESA 700 x 400 mounting, the TV easily fits a wide range of suitable, weatherproof supports. Use with a wall bracket, freestanding stand or weatherproof trolley – the choice is yours.

Punchy, built-in amp

The powerful 2 x 40 watt, built-in amp lets you add your choice of passive speakers. Use with outdoor speakers for a completely weatherproof home entertainment system.

Input other sources

Just like an ordinary TV, the PV55AP-232 has all the inputs you’d expect. Three HDMI sockets are perfect for a games console, TV set-top box and Blu-ray player. There are also two USB inputs for other sources.




Bring the entertainment outdoors, with the ProofVision Aire Plus PV55AP-232.

Please note: This TV does not feature the Freeview Play catch-up service.


Screen Size 55″
Screen Technology  LED
Brightness 1500
Contrast Ratio 3000:1
LED Backlight LED – Direct
Pixel Resolution

3840 x 2160
Panel Frequency 50Hz
Screen Resolution 4K Ultra HD
Connectivity Bluetooth: No


Digital Audio Output: Yes – Optical




USB: 2


Wi-Fi: Yes


TV Tuner Freeview
USB Video Playback Yes
Energy Consumption Power Consumption – Standby



Dimensions Dimensions excluding stand WxHxD

1265 x 735 x 82


VESA Fittings

700 x 400


Wall Mount Required

VESA – 700 x 400


Accessories Remote Control


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