Moderno 1 Pizza


Moderno 1 Pizza is for making great pizza at home

Bring home this compact, light (only 50 kg/110 lbs) and distinctively designed device. It takes five minutes to assemble it: just screw the levelling feet, insert the flue and chimney cowl and let the party begin.

Colours: Copper

Number of pizzas: 1

Batch of bread: 1-2 kg (2-4 lbs)

Fuel: wood or gas

Number of people: 1 to 10

Maximum temperature: 500°C (1000°F)



Alfa Forni Moderno Portable Pizza Oven – Ardesia Grey – Description

This amazing pizza oven is the smallest within the Moderno range which makes it great for cooking at home or taking with you for a day out. It is easy to assemble which means you are virtually ready to cook immediately. Although it is small in size, the Alfa Forni Portable packs a real punch and can get up to 500°C, which means you can get the perfect crisp to your pizza and is cooked in just 90 seconds.

The Alfa Forni Portable, like all of the Alfa ovens, is fitted with their innovative Heat Genius technology which gives you superior performance but keeps the fuel consumption to a minimum, meaning you use 0.5kg/h of gas. The Heat Genius technology also helps the cooking of your pizza by cooking the sauce at one temperature and the dough at another. This is because the heat is slowly released from the refractory stone and irradiated evenly through the oven’s curved walls. In this way, the sauces cooks faster, releasing even a part of its moisture, and the dough becomes crispy without burning, thus reaching the perfect balance.


Height – 91.2cm (with chimney)
Width – 55cm
Depth – 51.7cm


  • Oven floor size: 60×40 cm, Max Temp 500°C
  • The Alfa Forni pyrometer facilitates the accurate measurement of the temperature according to the type of cooking.
  • The door comes with a peephole for continuously monitoring food cooking even when it’s closed.
  • Cooking chamber is entirely made of reinforced stainless steel.
  • Double layer of ceramic fibre insulation used in commercial ovens contains heat and prevents the external frame from overheating.
  • To bake with the oven, you just need small logs no more than 5 cm (2 in) thick. With 2 kg (4,4 lbs) of firewood you can really cook throughout the evening
  • Always use the wood basket so as not to overload the oven with logs and to better manage the food on the floor.
  • The four oven floor firebricks are nearly 3 cm (1,2 in) thick to gradually absorb and release heat and to guarantee an impeccable cooking.
    50 Kg (110 lbs) of made in Italy
  •  One minute to assemble it, reaches 500° C , Cooks 1 pizza in 90 seconds
  • The “slide in-slide out” pizza peel allows you to make the most of your oven cooking pizzas, bread and calzones.
  • Panel to hide Wood holder panel.
  • Epoxy resin, anthracite handle.
  • 4 professional casters with brakes.
  • It weighs 35 kg.
  • Handy packaging for an easy transport.
  • The Alfa patented deflector allows heat to flow out gradually from the flue and makes for superior cooking performance.



  • Wood has always been the fuel of choice for those who love tradition and strong flavours. It’s the perfect oven if you really like cooking outside. Wood can be placed in the centre and some small logs to light the fire. 3 or 4 logs are enpough to heat it up.
  • Small logs can be added every 15 minutes, no more than 5cm thick.
  • When finished close the door and the fire will just burn out.



  • BBQ Fuel: LPG Gas
  • Pyrometer to measure internal temperature
  • Ignition button

How to assemble the oven.


The portable oven weights only 55 KG and is very easy to assemble


  • Inside the oven, you will find: door, flue, chimney cap, feet, fire grate and “slide in slide out” pizza peel.
  • Fix the 4 feet to the corners of the oven and screw the handles on to the door and on to the pizza peel.
  • For gas-fired models, put the knob to the left of the front panel and screw in the button with the battery on the right side.
  • Place the flue up into the hole and top with the chimney cap.


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Limited Warranty Details: The Alfa Forni Pizza Ovens are warrantied for a period of 2 years from date of purchase. The Warranty covers all types of failure due to malfunctioning parts, manufacturing problems or premature wear even if these events rarely occur. Warranty excludes normal wear and tear as would be expected in a pizza oven, and is limited to replacement parts and delivery freight only. Our 2 year warranty applies to claims regarding any fault, defect or failure occurring as a result of the manufacturing process.

Limited Warranty: 2 years