Forno 4 Pizze


A garden wood-fired oven designed for the family.

Colours: Copper and Diamond Grey

Number of pizzas: 4

Batch of bread: 4 kg (8,8 lbs)

Fuel: Wood

Number of people: 10 to 20

Maximum temperature: 500°C (1000°F)


Available in the Top, Top + base or Top + table version.



Discover 4 Pizze

The 4 Pizze wood-burning oven is big enough to bake 4 pizzas in 90 seconds and 4 kg of bread per batch. A perfect match for your garden, you can also place it on balcony or terrace. It comes with the refractory oven floor used for Alfa commercial models.

The Alfa Discover 4 Pizze is a high-quality outdoor pizza oven designed for making delicious wood-fired pizzas at home. It is a durable and reliable oven made of high-quality materials, ensuring excellent performance and durability. The stainless-steel dome allows you to get it up to the cooking temperature quickly, maintain the heat for a long time and keep the wood consumption to a minimum. Ceramic fibre, an excellent refractory material, is used to insulate the oven.

The oven is built with a four-chamber system, which allows you to cook up to four pizzas at the same time. This feature makes it perfect for entertaining guests or preparing meals for large families. The oven is also spacious enough to accommodate other foods, such as bread, roast meats, and vegetables.

One of the standout features of the Alfa Discover 4 Pizze is its quick heating capability. The oven can reach cooking temperatures of up to 500°C in just 15 minutes. This rapid heating feature means that you can start cooking your pizza soon after lighting the oven, without the need for long preheating times.

The Alfa Discover 4 Pizze is designed with a unique dome-shaped chamber, which helps to distribute heat evenly throughout the oven. This feature ensures that your pizzas are cooked to perfection, with a crispy crust and a perfectly cooked topping.

The oven is also designed with a convenient ash collection system, which makes it easy to clean up after use. The ash collection system collects the ash and debris from the oven, making it easy to dispose of without leaving a mess behind.

In conclusion, the Alfa Discover 4 Pizze is an excellent choice for anyone looking to make authentic wood-fired pizzas at home. Its quick heating capability, four-chamber system, even heat distribution, and convenient ash collection system make it a top-of-the-line outdoor pizza oven that will deliver delicious, restaurant-quality pizza every time.


  • Oven floor is made up of 3-cm thick interchangeable refractory bricks which soak up heat and transmit it directly to food.
  • Wood-fired Garden pizza oven with stainless-steel dome that allows the oven to reach high temperatures by burning less firewood.
  • The ceramic fibre insulation keeps the heat inside the oven for a long time, leaving the outer parts cool to the touch.
  • The oven has a pyrometer so that you can tell the average temperature in the cooking chamber at a glance.
  • The large door is equipped with a double ergonomic handle providing a firm grip. By moving the door, you can adjust the draught of the oven and an eyehole allows you to check the food being cooked.



Dimensions 100 x 97 x 121h cm
Colour Copper, Diamond Grey
Fuel Wood
Consumption 4 Kg/h
Bread Capacity 4 Kg
Pizza Capacity 4
Heating Time 20’
Weight 120 kg
Cooking Area 80×60 cm
Overall Dimension 100x97x121h cm
Style Table Top


Wood-fired garden oven with stainless-steel dome to reach high temperatures with low firewood consumption.


When your 4 Pizze is delivered, just insert the flue, and assemble the side shelves and base with a few screws to enjoy the cooking experience.



This item is heavy. Delivered to your door you will need help taking it into your outside space.

Delivered 2-3 weeks